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  1. A. Berrian, "The chirped quilted synchrosqueezing transform and its application to bioacoustic signal analysis," Ph.D. dissertation, 2018.  Download 

  2. A. Berrian and N. Saito, "Adaptive synchrosqueezing based on a quilted short-time Fourier transform," Wavelets and Sparsity XVII (Yue M. Lu, D. Van De Ville, and M. Papadakis, eds.), Proc. SPIE 10394, Article #1039420, 2017.  Download preprint

  3. A. Berrian, J. Leung, and N. Saito, "Time-frequency feature extraction via synchrosqueezing transform and its application to data sonification," Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, pp. 336-337, 2015.  Download preprint

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